5 of Our Favourite iPhone Styles in 2020

Given how attached most of us are to our tech gadgets these days, it comes as no surprise that we want them to look good. Some would even argue that our smartphones are replacing more traditional luxury items like watches.

And when you think about it – how many times a day do you look at your watch, compared to how many times you check your phone?  Let's have a look at five of our favourite styles right now. 

Marble – a Luxury From Nature

How about a phone in solid stone? The word marble originates from the ancient Greek word mármaros, which means "shining stone". And shine you will, or at least your phone, with a unique and luxurious iPhone case - handmade from pure marble. 

Explore our range of Marble iPhone Cases, Metallic Marble iPhone Cases and Marble Edition iPhones and BLK Marble Edition iPhones.


Rose Gold – for That Special Glow

Rose gold is a material that has a particular warmth to it and adorned with your monogram or your company logo it makes for a beautiful iPhone that is as much a piece of jewellery as any watch could be. For the real lovers of luxury, Golden Concept provides the option of fully customized iPhones, adapted to the buyers' taste and preferences.

Many of our customizable iPhones are available in Rose Gold. 


Bespoke Design – for a Unique Expression

For those who want something truly out of the ordinary, an entirely bespoke design allows for total creative freedom. Whether you prefer an Indian deity made from solid gold or real diamonds forming the letters of your initials, it can be done.

Explore the different options for a fully unique and bespoke design. 


Stainless Steel - for a Sporty Vibe

An iPhone in stainless steel evokes a more sporty vibe and is perfect for everyday use. This phone will be the ideal everyday companion, just as perfect for that Sunday ride along the coast as for your executive meeting on Monday morning.

Many of our iPhone cases are available in Stainless Steel


24K iPhone – for a Life More Golden

Not all that glitters is gold, but this customizable iPhone from The Pure Edition is. Each iPhone is gracefully plated with a thick layer of 24K gold, and a design of your choice is engraved on the beautiful metal back. You can personalize this gem of an iPhone even further by adding your initials or name below the motive.

Explore the Pure Edition.