Golden Concept Foundation - Building Schools for Vulnerable Children

More than 50% of the children in the world are not learning to read. Golden Concept Foundation will work to help changing that. 

Puia, founder and CEO of Golden Concept, and his wife Raheleh are both avid travellers. They love visiting different corners of the world, discovering new places and cultures. But when doing so, they've often been confronted with extreme poverty. 

"We've often been saddened by the contrast between those who have a lot and those who have nothing. So we decided we want to do something to help", says Raheleh.

The Golden Concept Foundation will aim to help children in the world's most poor areas get access to education. According to Unesco, less than half of the children and adolescents in the world today are not taught the most basic reading skills. 

"In many areas, children don't have access to any education what so ever. That condemns them to a life in poverty. We will focus on building small, local schools in remote areas where help is most needed", says Raheleh.

The First Project - A Small Village School 

The first project will be to build an elementary school in the small village in Khozestan.

"The families here live in extreme deprivation. It takes hours walking on foot to get to the nearest school, so the children who live here never learn to read. We want to change that, by building a small local school and hire local teachers", says Raheleh.

The project will provide primary education for the children of the village, as well as local employment opportunities in the day-to-day management of the school.

Fatima’s Hand - A Symbol of Protection 

To raise money for the cause, Raheleh and Puia have created a unique collection of bracelets, available for men and women.

"We've chosen the Khamsa symbol, also known as the hand of Fatima, to adorn the jewellery. It's a universal symbol shared by multiple communities, that is believed to bring luck and protect from danger. That's what we want to do for the children, so it's the perfect symbol", says Raheleh.

Golden Concept Foundation will work in collaboration will local NGOs, making sure to provide sustainable change by employing people locally.

The Khamsa represents blessings, power and strength, and is traditionally believed to protect it’s bearer from harm.

"These bracelets make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love, bringing protection and prosperity not only for the bearer, but for the small children who will attend the new school", says Puia. 

 You can read more about the project and browse the full collection here.