Golden Concept: The BLK Edition

The BLT edition is an unmistakable and timeless collection available in a variety of elegant styles. The characteristic Guilloché pattern in combination with the multiple options for customization ensures that you'll find a unique version to fit your specific taste and needs. 

iPhones engraved with classic Guilloché 

Guilloché is a decorative technique in which very precise, intricate and repetitive patterns are mechanically engraved into a metal surface.

This technique allows for exquisite results where great delicacy and precision can be achieved. The same technique is often used for luxury watches, and was used already for the Fabergé eggs in the 18th century.

It is this traditional technique, that requires immense expertise and attention to detail, that gives the BLK edition its characteristic look and feel. 


BLK Croco Strap Edition

The strap enhances not only the visual design of your iPhone, but provides a much better grip – thus minimizing the slip risk, and upping your selfie game. 

Get different straps to match your different moods and outfit, and turn your iPhone into a versatile fashion statement. Or why not get a customized strap, with your name, logo or flag on it.



This is an example of a customized iPhone 11 Pro BLK Edition in Stainless steel, adorned with the Libyan flag. A blend of finest metals and crocodile leather, for anyone who wants to celebrate their beloved county.

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