Introducing Apple Watch Cases by Golden Concept

We all love cutting-edge technology. And there’s no denying that the features of the Apple Watch are amazingly useful. Connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone allows you to deliver notifications, make calls, send texts, and run apps. It's brilliant.

And yet, despite the incredibly useful features, the futuristic look of the Apple Watch has long made many of the more stylishly oriented among us opt for more traditional watches. Because let's face it.  While the Apple Watch is astonishing in many ways, it can be tricky to make it look good with a suit.

At Golden Concept, our mission has always been to combine the most cutting-edge technology with a timeless sense of style and elegance. We know our clients don't want to have to choose between fashion and features. And now they don't have to choose; they can have it all.

“There’s no longer any need to compromise. Now you can combine the brilliant features of the Apple Watch with an impeccable sense of style, any day of the week”, says Puia Shamsossadati, founder and CEO of Golden Concept.


The Best of Both Worlds 

The Swiss watch industry enjoy an unrivalled reputation. Swiss watches are loved and cherished for their timeless beauty, high quality and the traditional elegance they bring to any outfit. And while equally respected and appreciated, the Apple Watch sits at the opposite side of that scale‚ with ultra-modern, futuristic aesthetics, and loaded with cutting-edge tech features. 

But, what if you want both? Before, you simply couldn't have it. You had to choose.  But that is no longer the case. You can now enjoy the technology of the future, while maintaining your level of style and elegance.


“Our design team has successfully managed to add the aesthetics and genuine quality of the traditional Swiss watches we all love, to the most futuristic watch that there is”, says Puia. 

For watch enthusiasts all over the world, the Apple Watch cases will be a gamechanger. The designs are on par with the most iconic Swiss watches out there, while at the same time incorporating the brilliance of the Apple Watch. 

Quality, Style and Simplicity

Made with the same manufacturing methods that the Swiss watch industry has used for centuries, this watch with its timeless design will easily find its place in your watch collection.

The Cases are carved from solid 316L Stainless steel, and the surfaces are expertly hand polished by a master craftman to give the watch it's extraordinary look. Whether you are going to work, going to a party or working out, this classic design will fit your style.


A Limited Edition of 999 pcs

The Golden Concept Apple Watch Cases are limited to only 999 pcs worldwide, each marked with a unique number engraved on the temple. The watch Is very versatile and can easily be personalized, by simply exchanging the bracelet with the color or material that suits your look of that particular day. 

Already own an Apple Watch? Then you can get the case only, and put your own Apple Watch inside. It's easy to mount, with only four smal screws, and everything you need is included in the beautiful rosewood box in which the case is delivered. 

Don't own an Apple Watch? No problem, we're happy to deliver one with your case, already mounted and ready-to-wear. 

We also offer customized cases in solid gold or platinum, at a price of $15,000 – please contact us to place a custom order



So, are you ready to finally enjoy the best of tech and style – at the same time?

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