Luis Suárez X Golden Concept

“It’s the best goal of my career so far”, Luis Suárez says about his already legendary backheel when Barca played against Mallorca Real earlier in December this year.

And what better way to celebrate the spectacular goal and the 5-2 result, than with the release of our latest limited edition:

Luis Suárez X Golden Concept.

With an Appetite for Gold

Regarded by many as one of the best players in the world, Luis Suárez's list of victories just goes on and on. His desire to win has taken him on an exhilarating journey; from sweeping the streets as a kid back in Uruguay, to performing on the world’s biggest football stage.

Two-fold winner of the Golden Boot and a prolific goalscorer, he has understandably acquired a taste for gold – a preference that comes through in the exclusive collection he has co-created with Golden Concept.

A Unique Design Collaboration

Known for causing controversy on the field, the Uruguayan footballer has a reputation for being hot-tempered. But when Puia Shamsossadati, founder and Creative Director at Golden Concept, sat down for a day of drawing and designing with Luis, he was struck by his kind and relaxed attitude.

“For being the iconic superstar that he is,  I find Luis to be very humble and down-to-earth in person. We laughed a lot and talked about our families. And after our meeting he went to pick up his kids at daycare, just like any other dad”, says Puia.

The love for his family is a theme that runs through Suárez’s life. A fascinating story that can be read in detail in his autobiography, My Story: Crossing the Line. It is also an underlying theme in the Luis Suárez X Golden Concept Collection.

Love and Victory

The iPhone is adorned with a drawing of Suárez, engraved in gold. It depicts him kissing his left hand. And if you’ve ever watched Suárez score a goal, you’ve probably seen this characteristic hand gesture that he always makes to celebrate.

 So, what’s the story behind it?

Turns out, it’s a family affair. Luis has a tattoo on his wrist that reads ‘Delfina’, which is the name of his eldest daughter. And the more his family has grown, the more elaborate his goal gesture has become.

First, he used to kiss his ring finger as a nod to his wife Sofia, before kissing the tattoo with his daughter’s name. Then, he used to kiss three of his fingers, to signify his wife and two kids. But being the father of three now, it’s becoming a bit too complicated. So nowadays he simply kisses his ring, letting it symbolize the whole family.

“At first, I had a different suggestion for the design. But to Luis, the drawing of his goal celebration was the obvious choice. And he was right. It carries a deeper meaning, symbolizing not only success but also love”, says Puia.

But Why Does Luis Suárez Always Wear a Bandage?

The secret behind the mysterious bandage goes all the way back to his days in Liverpool. During a Premier League game, Suárez hurt his right wrist. That’s when he got the bandage. And when it quickly helped him heal, Suárez decided to keep it as a lucky charm. “It’s a kind of talisman”, he says of it himself. And what can we say? It sure seems to work!

Of course, the famous bandage is part of the phone design.

“Hopefully some of the luck it has given to Luis will rub off on the owner of the phone as well”, says Puia.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Every Barca Lover

Luis Suárez X Golden Concept will be released in a limited edition of 50 numbered iPhones. Each iPhone is beautifully plated with a thick layer of 24K gold, with the image of Luis Suárez is engraved. Each iPhone is made to order and personalized with the owner’s name engraved below the motive. This is a one-of-a-kind product and will only be available in 50 copies, worldwide.

The iPhone is delivered in an exclusive box and complemented by an original Luis Suárez–autograph mounted in a thick glass frame. This truly is the perfect Christmas gift for any devoted Barca fan – be it a gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Limited Edition: Luis Suárez X Golden Concept iPhone Cases

As part of this exclusive collection, a limited edition of 500 numbered iPhone cases will be released. The Luis Suárez x Golden Concept iPhone case protects your iPhone in style; it’s sleek design not adding any extra bulk.

The iPhone cases are made of surgical stainless steel and plated with a 24-carat gold coating. The image of Suárez is engraved on the cover, which is made-to-order and can be personalized with the name of the owner.

Elegant Leather Accessories With Luis Suárez’s Autograph

As part of the Luis Suárez X Golden Concept collection, an exclusive range of leather accessories will also be released. This range includes exquisite airpod cases, cardholders and iPhone cases in embossed leather, printed with Luis Suárez’s signature.