1.1. These general conditions of sale (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) apply to all distance sales of “Golden Concept” products (hereinafter, “Products” or “Product”) carried out through the www.GoldenConcept.com website (hereinafter, “Website”). www.GoldenConcept.com website (hereinafter, “Website”).

1.2. Distance selling services described in these General Conditions are only available to consumers (hereinafter, “Clients” or “Client”) beingnatural persons acting for purposes extraneous to their trade, business, craft and profession, aged over 18 (or, if they are minors, duly authorized by their legal representative).

1.3. The language used to enter any contract through this Website is Swedish.

1.4. Clients are required to carefully read the General Conditions, which have been made available on the Website to enable Clients to acknowledge, store and reproduce them pursuant to the Swedish Distance and Door-to-Door Sales Act (2005:59) (hereinafter,“Distance Sales Act”).A copy of the General Conditions shall in any case be sent to the Client by email, as set out in Paragraph 7 of these General Conditions.Contracts with the Clients will be archived by Golden Concept with access for the Clients via the Website through their account.

1.5.Contracts entered into with Golden Concept (as defined below) through the Website are governed by Swedishlaw, including theSwedish Consumer Sales Act (1990:932) (hereinafter, “Consumer Sales Act”) and the Distance Sales Act.


2.1. The prices of the Products are indicated on the Website in USD. Delivery costs could be added to the price of the Products andare indicated separately on the order form.

2.2. Golden Concept regularly verifies that all the prices displayed on the Website are correct, however, cannot guarantee the absence of errors. In the event that an error in the pricing of a Product is detected, Golden Concept shall offer the Client the opportunity to purchase the Product at the correct price or to cancel the order.


3.1. The essential characteristics and the price of each Product are provided for each Product displayed on the Website.

3.2. Before they submit an order proposal, Clients should ensure that they read and understand all the instructions provided during the purchase procedure along with these General Conditions, because they will be bound by all of them once a contract comes into existence. To purchase a Product, Clients must fill in an order proposal and send it to Golden Concept through the Website. Clients must place the Product in their “shopping bag” and, after having read and accepted these General Conditions, with particular regard to the delivery charges and the conditions for the right of withdrawal, as well as after having read the privacy policy statement, must select the desired payment method and choose the “place order” option.

3.3. If Clients need to correct any errors in data they have entered, they should follow process provided on the Website, before sending their order proposal. In particular, Clients may alter the quantity of Products that they intend to purchase by adding or removing one or more Products from their “shopping bag”.

3.4. By sending an order proposal to Golden Concept, the Client acknowledges and declares that (s)he has read all the instructions provided during the purchase procedure and fully accepts these General Conditions.

3.5. Without prejudice to the use of data described in the privacy policy statement and subject to the express consent of the Client, the order proposal and the Client’s datarelated to that order proposal may be kept by Golden Concept for the period required by applicable legislation.


4.1. You will be debited before items are shipped or before services are activated by Golden Concept.


5.1. Promo Codes should be entered during the checkout process to be valid. Attempting to add a promo code after purchase will not be honored.


6.1. All prices shown on the Golden Concepts website, www.goldenconcept.com, are excluding VAT, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In case an order will be shipped to a delivery address within EU, the VAT will be added at the checkout. 

6.2. Please note that in case of an order is shipped to an delivery address outside the EU, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are collected when the shipment reaches your delivery address. You will be responsible for payment of such import duties and taxes. It should be noted that Golden Concept has no control over these charges and, since these charges are different for different countries, Golden Concept cannot predict their amount. We advises you to contact your local customs office for further information.


7.1. We will ship to your PayPal, Apple Pay or Payment Card registered address ONLY. Any requests or payments made to an alternative address will NOT be shipped. Please Note: International shipments may be subject to import taxes and/or customs fees. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

7.2. US Customers
Due to the increased security measures at the US Customs, deliveries to the US can take up to 28 days.

Please note
All items will have to be signed for. We send items as soon as possible and we are not responsible for delivery times once shipped. Tracking code/reference will be given to the customer to track their item(s).

7.3. International Delivery with DHL Express. For full insurance please contact us for a quotation.

7.4. Damaged packages. If any delivery of a products contents appear to be damaged, the package MUST be signed for as 'damaged' and we must be notified immediately. Failure to do so will invalidate shipping insurance claims and we will not be liable for the damage.


8.1. Information on Products, along with the relevant product codes, are available on the Website.

8.2. Production of the Phones 
Golden Concept design and customize each phone uniquely for each customer, production time for each phone is up 30 days from the date you have confirmed the design.

8.3. Customizations
Golden Concept do not charge you for the image, we are charging you for the engraving. So you, the customer, must have your own rights on images used, not Golden Concept. As with all aspects of personalisation, there is a risk of error, be it mechanical, material differences or even human errors. Whilst all steps will be taken to minimise these risks, we as Golden Concept undertake all work on the provision that we accept no responsibility for loss of product, or expenses incurred to rectify mistakes.


9.1.The contract between Golden Concept and the Client shall be deemed to be executed at the moment that the Client receives confirmation from Golden Concept that his/her order proposal, sent through the process set out on the Website, has been concluded successfully, once the availability of the Product has been verified and the price for the purchase has been debited to the Client’s credit card or, in the case of payment by bank transfer, confirmation of the receipt of the bank transfer has been received. The Client’s order proposal shall become binding on Golden Concept when the Website purchase procedure is completed without error.

9.2. Golden Concept reserves the right to partially fulfil any order proposal in the event that one or more of the Products ordered by the Client is not available. In such cases, only the sum relating to the partially fulfilled order proposal shall be debited.

9.3. Golden Concept shall not be liable for errors due to Client’s connection to the Website.

9.4. At themoment of confirmation of the order or execution of the contract, Golden Concept shall provide the Client, by email, a summary of the General Conditions, information on the essential characteristics of the purchased Products, a detailed indication of the price and means of payment, information on delivery charges, information on the conditions, including information on the exclusion of the right of withdrawal for personalised Products, the address to which complaints may be addressed, information on support services and on existing commercial terms. The Client should immediately review this communication and notify Golden Concept of any errors or omissions immediately.


10.1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 7 above, no orderproposal shall be considered as accepted by Golden Concept nor shall any contract be concluded between Golden Concept and the Client if Golden Concept has reasonable reason to believe that the Client:

(i) intends to purchase the Products for commercial or professional purposes;

(ii) is not a bona fide Client; or

(iii) attempts to exercise a right of cancellation in any illegitimate manner.

10.2. In such cases, the order proposal sent by the Client shall be void and have no effect. Golden Concept shall notify the Client, by email, ofits non-acceptance of the order proposal and the failure to conclude the contract and shall also cancel any debit and/or charge against the Client.


11.1. In case of payment by bank transfer, deliveries shall be sent once the transfer has been received in cleared funds by Golden Concept.

11.2. Delivery charges shall be borne by the Client and are indicated separately on the order form and invoice.

11.3. All purchases shall be delivered by a selected courier service (e.g. DHL Express) (hereinafter, “Courier”) between Monday and Friday excluding Saturdays, Sundays and local or national holidays, from the day following that of the confirmation of acceptance of the order proposal, on the basis of the indicated availability. Golden Concept is not responsible for delays that are unforeseeable and/or attributable exclusively to the Courier.

11.4. In all cases, except those of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstancesthe Products shall be delivered within 30 (thirty) days from the day following that of the contract conclusionas per Paragraph 7.1 above, unless Golden Concept notifies the Client, including by email, within the same term or by the last date agreed for delivery, of the ordered Productsbeing unavailable, including temporarily unavailable. In this event, Golden Concept shall reimburse any sums paid by the Client in respect of the order.

11.5. The Client or his/her nominated representative must be present at the delivery address indicated on the order for delivery of the Products. At the time of delivery of the Products by the Courier, the Client is required to verify:

(i) that the number of items being delivered corresponds to that indicated on the delivery note; and

(ii) that the packaging and its seals are intact, undamaged, not wet or altered in any manner. Any damages to the packaging and/or the Product, or discrepancies in the number of items or documentation must be immediately indicated in writing on the Courier’s delivery note. Once the Courier’s document has been signed and no objection has been raised by the Client, the Client may not make any objection to the exterior characteristics of the consigned parcel.


Golden Concept shall send the Client a confirmation email once the Products are dispatched and a further communication once the Products have been delivered.


Products purchased from the Website are delivered with high standard packaging.

Golden Concept shall make every effort to satisfy the Client’s request.

However, once the Product has been dispatched, the order cannot be cancelled or amended.


If a Product sold by Golden Concept has manufacturing defects or in any case of alleged lack of conformity of Products sold by Golden Concept, the Client must immediately contact Online Supportby email to info@goldenconcept.com or by post to the following address:

Golden Concept AB
Gustav Adolfs Torg 45
21137 Malmö


Golden Concept undertakes to provide up to date information in the sections of the Website relating to the description and/or sale of the Products. However, Golden Concept cannot guarantee the Website will be error free. The Website in question may contain typing errors, inaccuracies or omissions, for example relating to the price or availability of the Product or in the information provided on the Product. Golden Concept reserves the right to correct such errors, inaccuracies or omissions, even after an order proposal has been sent, and also reserves the right to change or update information at any time without prior notice.


Golden Concept guarantees the authenticity of all Products purchased on the Website. Products bearing the Golden Concept trademark are produced with the best materials, are manufactured by artisans.

The “Golden Concept” trademark, together with the set of figurative and non-figurative trademarks, service marks, present in the Products, the relevant accessories and/or packaging, marks consisting of shapes of goods, that are subject to registration or otherwise, together with all the illustrations, images and places protected by copyright, and more generally all the intellectual property rights relating to the Products, are and remain the exclusive property of Golden Concept.


These General Conditions are governed by Swedishlaw and must be interpreted in accordance with Swedishlaws.

Any disputes arising from the interpretation, validity and/or execution of these General Conditions shall be subject to the mandatory territorial jurisdiction of the competent court of the place of residence or domicile of the Client/consumer.


Please direct any enquiries you may have about the Golden Concepts website or online purchases to Info@goldenconcept.com or contact our customer service via phone, WhatsApp:

+46 700 555 666

You can reach us by post at:

Golden Concept AB
Baltzargatan 20, SE 21137 Malmö, Sweden